Saving the internet

with a furry vengeance

Check Meow Out

cat-tastic skills

UI/UX Design

I construct meaningful design elements and imaginative interactions for users that won’t get caught between a cat and a mousetrap.

Front-end dev

I love diving into code to fish out little problems and tweaks. Dipping my toes into HTML and CSS was how I found my passion for web design.


I’m flying high when I get the chance to create icons and illustrations. I love expressing emotion or ideas through custom iconography.

Design & Crafts

Overall I’m a very complicated, crafty person. I like to do a little bit of everything and tend to get myself tangle up in all the excitement.

i write some pretty cool stuff

creative writing

Sad Facts

Design Blog

Paid Designer Resources

Here are some excellent websites to help take your project to the next level. Using your design knowledge, use these sites as your go-to resources for mock-up templates. Be sure to check the licensing agreement for commercial use if you plan to use a resource for a...

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